Ian Benjamin

Captain Ian has a special love for the ocean and has been sailing, fishing, diving, snorkeling and everything else you can imagine on and in water for as long as he remembers!

The culture of the island of Antigua is wrapped around sailing & boating and has been a leading destination for sailing yachts & super yachts for decade. Being a native of Antigua, Captain Ian began sailing at a very young age.

Because of this he started his career crewing then captaining mega-yachts & sailing yachts around the world. He later joined the US military and served as a rescue firefighter for over 10 years .

After his military career, he went back to his true passion of being on the water chartering people around the world and facilitating the most amazing experiences that can only happen out at sea.

You can relax knowing that you have the best of the best behind the helm with over 30 years of experience as a certified yacht master, his Merchant Mariner Credentials and US Coast Guard Certificate, and over 20,000 successful nautical miles under his command.