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Dojo on the Wave Music

Want a chance to record an original song or cover and work with a professional music producer without renting an expensive recording studio? Have you ever wanted to create a song on the water? Well….

This experience gives you and your guests the opportunity to create music and a moment you will never forget out on the water with one of the music industry’s award winning, top leading producers and engineers. This option set up invites Davix Foreman, music producer, songwriter and engineer out at sea with you to set up a production/recording environment while docked. One of the bedrooms will be converted into a secluded, iso recording space while Davix is recording from the salon.

This would be the perfect occasion to build and create 1 on 1 with Producer Davix Foreman, who’s got 20 yrs of experience with some of your top artists, producers and songwriters in Pop, RnB, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and more. He will be here to help you craft something amazing of your own that you can be proud to upload to streaming sites and share with the world. An edit, mix and master are included. The royalty publishing share breakdown will be case by case and determined upon prior agreements. If you need just a recording while chartering he’s available and more than happy to vocal produce and engineer your artwork to completion.

Join us and take advantage of this opportunity to create music and content you won’t get anywhere else in the world with one of the world’s most gifted and talented curators in music on the water.

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